Isle of Deceit, a novel by Donald Whitman
Donald Whitman was born and raised in Albany, Georgia. After graduating college with a degree in business he spent three years with the U.S. General Accounting Office, assigned to the NASA Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He then began a career in real estate re-development and management, with re-building projects including six story hotels and large apartment communities as well as single family homes.

He has been married to Barbara for forty years. They have two married daughters, and five grand- children. He is active in his community where he served five years on the Board of Directors for a nationally acclaimed water authority and in his church, where he is an elder and teaches Sunday school. His hobbies include water skiing and swimming and he does one or the other three or four times a week.

A love story of broken relationships, saved marriages, and second chances. 
A lively mystery where drugs, arson and murder mix with island charm.

Millie Bigbee is known as an eccentric loner. 
She's content to smoke and play with her cats at her mall island shack.

When former FBI agent and retiree Paul Wilson save Millie from her burning home, 
something sets off the instincts he honed during his year in law enforcement. 
This blaze wasn't an accident. Who wants Millie dead?

As Paul investigates the arson, real estate developer Jim Martin is facing his own challenges. 
Jim's partners enticed him to join them in a huge development, but he's beginning to believe 
that they have ulterior - and unsavory - motives, Jim starts and investigation of his own.