Books by author Donald Whitman
I grew up on Alfred Hitchcock and The Hardy Boys, so I have always loved a good mystery. I have had many ideas over the years that I thought would make a good book, but never did anything about it. The idea for this book came one morning when I was working out and was watching the news about the SARS virus and started wondering- what if? (Maybe endorphins will do that to you.) I decided that this time I would actually write the book. And so began the process. It took me about four months to write it and another six to massage and edit it. What a wonderful experience. I enjoyed writing it because I was anxious to see how it would turn out! Sometimes I would read back over a section and wonder, "where did that come from?"

I once worked for The US General Accounting Office at the NASA Space Center. I was part of a team evaluating the feasibility of the Hubble Telescope. I went on to review various parts of the United 'States Ballistic Missile Program. The weekly progress report was always important in understanding the programs. In FATAL HEALING a similar project report sets the stage for unraveling the plan of a pharmaceutical company to start a disease for which it already had the cure. I hope you enjoy it. 

In Dig Deeper, Dig Wider, extortionists threaten to contaminate the food in a restaurant chain with Hepatitis unless they are given $8,000,000. The FBI can't find their own pants, so a local detective methodically uncovers the lethal plot.

In my third book, Isle of Deceit, a real estate developer comes out of retirement to uncover a crime ring that threatens to spoil his paradise.

I hope you enjoy the books!