Fatal Healing, a medical mystery by Donald Whitman
FATAL HEALING will keep you wondering... could this really happen, or HAS this happened?

A pharmaceutical company starts an epidemic because they already have the cure?

It could happen and in Fatal Healing it does! Top executives of Condor Pharmaceuticals- a company facing bankruptcy- conspire to start the SARS virus, for which it already has a cure in order to reap huge profits and pave the way for speedy FDA approval. A researcher discovers the truth and must be eliminated.

Jack Nebra, disgraced former FBI agent and now local detective begins the investigation into the researcher's murder and receives unexpected assistance from a new research assistant at Condor. His investigation is thwarted at every turn. Almost...

Everything changes when the United States government gets involved, wanting to improve America's image abroad as a benevolent nation. If the US is credited with providing China the cure for the virus that is devastating the Chinese population, it would be a political coup.

What is the price of power? How much is too much? Who wins? Is there really such a thing as justice? Hold on!

Very enjoyable Read!
"I bought the book and was NOT disappointed. The plot was not only plausible but sadly feasible. Very enjoyable read, and good turns and twists.I could not find another novel by Mr. Whitman, but hope he has another coming." ~ Amazon Reader

It Really is a Possible Scenario
"Don Whitman is a great story teller. You really know these people. What a tremendous made-for-TV movie, somebody needs to jump on this." ~ a Reader

Not What You Would Expect - BUT MORE! 

This read was a well-orchestrated blend of intrique, greed and a VERY plausible plot with a totally unexpected ending. This author has a thought process that is different than the norm. I'll pass over Ludlum when Whitman's next book is published." ~ Dr. Tim Koby

New Book from a New Author

"This book has a very interesting concept. It really makes you think about the pharmeceutical industry."
~ a Reader